The animals of Cactus Rose.

Austin is the biggest no-kill city in the nation, and yet faces the uncertain situations of animals displaced by gentrification.
As an animal lover and advocate, I could not ignore all the pets that live in Cactus Rose trailer park and whose destinies remain uncertain. Their owners want to relocate with them, but it all depends on the places they go and if they are allowed to have pets, or if there is a limited number of pets allowed. Neighbors in Cactus Rose help each other when in comes to take care of their animals, and there is even a community dog who is loved and fed by everyone. Besides pet cats and dogs, there are also goats and chickens, whose relocation is even more challenging. Being able to find a property in Austin big enough to house them, might not be affordable anymore.
No one knows what is going to happen to all these animals. Situations like this are challenging not only for the animals and their owners, but all for the city in order to maintain its no-kill status.
These are some of those furry companions who do not get to decide where to go.

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