Bar La Perla

Bar La Perla is one of the oldest original cantinas on the east side of Austin, that has been intact since the 1950’s. It is located in a corner now immersed in new buildings and hip restaurants (Comal and East Sixth Street). I visited the bar with an unclear idea of what I was going to find in there.  When I entered, I felt many eyes on me. Curious, friendly, and wary looks I was even asked if I was a police officer!?). There were groups of friends having beer and listening to Tejano music from a jukebox. It was a magical, stuck-in-time atmosphere, and I had to capture it. These are the faces of La Perla on an afternoon of October, 2015.

Ben is a regular costumer at La Perla. He enjoys to have beer and read the paper.
Fin is the bartender at La Perla.
Patrons having an afternoon of beers at Bar La Perla.
An unnamed costumer spending his Thursday afternoon at La Perla on east Austin.

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